How to Make a Receipt on Word

Whether you are buying a product from a convenience store or selling an item to your customer, an official receipt is important when it comes to keeping a documentation of purchases for managing internal accounts and reporting finances, and providing fundamental product pricing information to customers. Usually, companies and organizations maintain their copies of receipts to allow them have an accurate sales and revenue tracking. That’s why receipts are also useful references for the bookkeeping or accounting department of a company, especially when a particular issue arises concerning the details of certain transactions. Additionally, this is crucial when a business firm faces an Internal Revenue Service Audit regarding the tax returns of the company as the receipts can be a beneficial documentation of sales transactions. In this article, we are glad to assist you to learn on how to make a receipt on Word.


  • Make use of Word when you need to create your receipts for your small business or your freelance work! Utilize the tools and options provided such as the shading tool, border styles tool, table styles option, font option, and many other components. Then, improve the format of  your business receipt by implementing some basic colors, table styles, and other design features that you like to include.

How to Create a Receipt on Microsoft Word

If you are currently managing a small business like your own food store or if you are working as a freelance document proofreader and editor, then you need to be able to create a simple receipt template for your products and services so that you can present the proof of payment to confirm the customer that he or she received the products or services as he or she paid in your business. Keep some business tax records and receipts such as cash register tapes, deposit information of cash and credit sales, invoices, canceled checks or other proof of payment or electronic funds transferred, credit card receipts, and bank statements. Below are some simple ways that we provide for you to create a receipt on Microsoft Word:

1. Open the Word app installed in your desktop PC, laptop, or android tablet device. Click the New option located in the left sidebar and look for the search bar for online templates. Type Receipt and then tap the Enter button or toggle the search icon.

Note: Word contains different kinds of templates provided for your personal and professional use such as business cards, flyers, letters, resumes and cover letters, and receipts. If you want to take the shorter route in creating a simple receipt as quick as possible, follow the first three easy steps here while using the free receipt templates in this app.


2. After typing ‘receipt’ in the search bar, it will display a wide selection of the receipt templates available in Word. In this section, you can choose the receipt template that you need and prefer for your business. As you can see, they have a variety of styles and colors but it depends to you if what is the specific template you want to use. You can edit or revise the overall look of these templates later on.


3. Once you have chosen the receipt template you want to use, you can now use the template as it is or if you like to edit or revise some parts of it, then you can utilize the Font section in Word, as well as the Table Tools > Table Design feature. You can modify the font styles, font sizes, font appearance, shading color for the background of the cells, border color of the table, and other design elements.


4. If you want to express your visual creative prowess and originality in your receipt, go back to the starting page of Word. Tap  Home and New section of the app. Click the Blank document option to start creating your personalized business receipt.


5. For the receipt title and number, click the Insert option and look for the Header & Footer section. Tap the Text Box feature and then toggle the WordArt option. Choose the specific art style you want for your text. After choosing the art style, arrange the text in the document whatever you like but still you want to keep it clean and organized.


6. Type the name of your company or small business, the address of the business or individual receiving payment. Include the full name and full address of the person who will be in charge of the payment and the complete name and address of the person who will receive the product or service. Add the receipt date, P.O. number, and due date. Arrange all of the information nicely and complement the colors by using the Font, Paragraph, and Insert section.


7. When you are done with the basic information of your receipt, tap the Insert section and click TableInsert table. Drag the table into 4 x 8 size or depending on your business needs. Then, go to Table Tools > Table Design > Table Styles. Select what type of table style in the selection you want for your receipt.


8. Insert some other necessary categories such as the quantity, description, unit price, and amount in the table. Add the subtotal, sales tax, and total price of the payment below the table of your receipt.

Note: Take your time in making some necessary modifications of the text styles, text sizes, text colors, shading color, and many other design elements. Adjust the margins of the rows and columns if you want, as well as the spacing between the texts.


9. Fill up the essential information of your receipt inside the table. You can also add the reason for the payment and how the payment was made in the bottom part of your entire document.

10. Lastly, save your document by tapping the File tab and then toggle the Save As option. Select the location where you want to save your receipt. Write the file name of your document and press Enter or click Save.

Note: So, designing a simple receipt template is a beneficial way in structuring the pricing information of your product or service for your business. Additionally, make things smoothly if you use receipt templates from You just edit and print your preferred editable sample receipt templates in Word.


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