How To Make a Professional-Quality Letterhead

  • Step 1: Sketch Your Letterhead on a Separate App

    First, sketch what your letterhead looks like. Create a draft showing where your business logo, company name, and general contact information will be positioned. You can do this using actual pen and paper materials.

  • Step 2: Open MS Word or Google Docs

    Google Docs and MS Word are two of the most popular apps for creating documents with letterheads. If you’re using a Windows PC, MS Word is likely installed in your system already. And if you prefer Google Docs, just open your browser and go to

  • Step 3: Insert Header


    Once you’ve opened a new document in Word or Google Docs. Go immediately to Insert on the menu bar. Click it and a drop-down menu will appear. Go to Headers & Footers and select Header. In doing so, a space for a header will be added to the document, which is where you’ll insert your letterhead.

  • Step 4: Insert Your Company Logo


    Not all letterheads have logos, but it would be way better if yours would have your company’s logo. It makes it look more professional. So you should insert it. Again, go to Insert on the menu bar. This time you need to go to Image to insert your logo that’s saved in your Drive or computer. You can also insert it through the Drawing option.

  • Step 5: Add Company Name and Contact Info


    Now that you’ve added your elegant company logo, add your company name and contact info. You can place them below the logo or beside it, whichever you prefer. For the company name, you can change its font style according to your brand and your logo’s art style.

What should be the contents of a letterhead?

The contents of letterheads are an individual’s name/company name, location address, email address, contact number, website address, company logo/brand logo, and sometimes border designs and background elements.

Why should companies use letterheads?

Companies should use letterheads so that customers and the public, in general, can remember them. Letterheads contain their general information, especially their contact details. That said, letterheads enable them to be more reachable and accessible to the market.

Can I exclude my company name?

You shouldn’t exclude your company name from your letterhead unless your brand logo itself displays your company name.


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