How to Make a Planner on Word

Stepping back, re-assessing your priorities and observing the bigger picture are some notable methods in sustaining self-development and empowerment. Also, learning how to be organized in various areas in your personal life and professional or business work is crucial to gain long-term success of any development initiative you want to fulfill. In order to plan your important tasks and activities for the future effectively, you need to set down logical flows to help you see the way ahead and predict possible obstacles. Doing this will allow you to have awareness of the alternative routes so that you are able to improve your response time. Thus, maintaining a system for yourself in a form of a planner will certainly guide you to monitor and record your daily tasks and activities, as well as how you reach your goals and aspirations. In this article, we are glad to help you learn on how to make a planner template using Word.


  • Access Word for systematic planning of your personal life and professional work! Create your personalized planner while managing the tools and options provided which includes the shading tool, border styles tool, table styles option, font option, and many others. Plus, elevate the overall look of your planner by applying some visually-aesthetic elements such as complementing colors, border styles, and many others that you want to incorporate.

How to Create a Planner Using Microsoft Word

Like a route map that encourages you to keep a proactive view, an effective planner is a wonderful device to plan and realize your overall development, allowing your achievements and progress to be documented in a timely manner and encouraging you to have a regular review of your priorities. That’s why designing your personalized planner motivates you to have dual focus on your personal and professional development efficiently. Below are some simple ways that we provide for you to create a planner using Word:

1. Open the Word app installed in your PC, laptop, or android tablet device. Go to Home and New section located at the left sidebar of the app. Choose the Blank document option to start creating your planner template.


2. After opening a new document, insert ‘Monthly Planner’ in your document by tapping the Insert tab and search for the Text section. Click the WordArt tool so that you can choose the art style you want for the heading of your planner.

Note: If you prefer to have a simple style for your heading, you can opt to type the heading and then modify the font. After you type the heading at the top of the document, go to Home tab and navigate the Font section such as changing  the Theme Font and Font Size (Ctrl + Shift + F), as well as the Font Color.

3. To create the monthly calendar, tap the Insert tab. Then, click the Table > Insert Table. Drag the table in 7 x 5 size. Adjust the table according to your needs and preferences.

Note: There is another way to construct a table for your monthly calendar. Go to Table > Draw Table. This feature is useful if you want to design your own table freely by drawing the cells, rows, and columns. Plus, you can edit the cells, rows and columns whatever you like.


4. Modify the table for the monthly calendar by adjusting the margins of the rows and inserting another row above where you will place the days of the week.

5. Include another table for your monthly goals that you want to reach. Tab the Insert tab again and click Table > Insert Table. Create only one table and then insert one row above for the title of the table. Type the text in that area and modify the Theme Font and Font Size.

6. Add some other sections for your planner. Tap the Insert tab and click the Shapes tool. Search for the rounded rectangle and place it in your document beside the table for your monthly goals.

Note: Modify the rounded rectangle when you toggle the Shape Format tab. Go to Shape Styles and choose what you want from the wide selection there. Use other tools there such as Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and Shape Effects.


7. Once you are done in the shape design, modify the essential texts in your planner. Go to Home tab and utilize the Font section while changing the Theme Fonts and Font Size.

8. The next step is coloring the overall tables. Look for the Table Tools and click Table Design > Table Styles. Select what style you prefer for your monthly planner. Make some color adjustments of the background or the cells and the borders.


9. Put the remaining details after you completed the design of your planner. Finally, save your document by tapping the File tab and click the Save As option. Select the location where you prefer to store your document. Indicate the file name of your document and press Enter on your keyboard or tap Save.

Note: Designing an effective planner template is a fun and creative process in organizing, monitoring, and recording your  important tasks and activities so that you can fulfill your priorities, goals, and aspirations. Additionally, you can make things easily when you utilize planner templates from You simply edit and print your preferred editable planner template in Word.


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