How to Make a Family Tree in Word

If you wonder where you get specific mannerisms, traits, and signature physical appearances, start by uncovering your roots. And the perfect way to present your data is through the use of family trees. Yes, you may be familiar with a tree diagram as a classroom project. But it can also help a lot not only to pass your school assignment but also to introduce new generations to old family history. Also, a framed tree chart or a pedigree chart is a good piece to furnish your home. And in this article, learn how to make family trees using the ever-reliable word processor Microsoft Word.


  • To create from scratch: Open MS Word and create a document. Click Insert at the Word ribbon menu. Then, select Illustrations followed by SmartArt. Choose the Hierarchy tab from the SmartArt Graphic dialog box to insert a tree diagram. Then, insert content and edit your family tree.
  • To use a template: Open Word, then click New from the Office menu. From the New Document dialog box, type family tree or genealogy to search a template. Once you have chosen a template, tap Download and work your way to editing and completing your family tree.

How to Create a Family Tree from Scratch in Word

Aside from using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint, you can come up with your own family tree through Word. And whether you need to access MS Word 2010 or a newer version on Windows or Mac, the same steps apply to how to build a family tree from scratch. So if you are looking for answers on how to make a family tree chart in a Word document of any version, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new file or document. Ensure that you have installed MS Word first to access it.

2. From the Word ribbon found at the top menu, click Insert. Then, select Illustrations until you tap the SmartArt button.


3. Upon clicking the SmartArt button, you will be directed to the SmartArt Graphic dialog box. The SmartArt Graphic contains every diagram or chart you may want to apply for your family tree. And the most appropriate tree diagram is to select the Hierarchy tab. Rest assured, the available hierarchy options are fit for any family tree chart so choose any sample. Then, tap OK.


4. Insert boxes to the hierarchy that are enough to add names of family members and relatives. In adding boxes, just right-click on the hierarchy inserted and press Add shape. Choose your preferred shape to insert and decide its placement in the Word document as well. Then, you can repeat that step to insert more boxes. But if you need to remove boxes, just tap on the box you dislike and tap Delete.

5. Type the necessary data to build your family tree from the names of family members and even their relationship to one another. To do that, highlight any sample text from the inserted hierarchy and replace them with the family names. Add the rest of the text and decide the final format so you complete your family tree.


How to Use a Template in Making a Family Tree in MS Word

Besides making the family tree template out of scratch, using the SmartArt Graphic, or depending on an Excel template, you can use any standard family tree template from Microsoft Word too. To handle that, just take note of these easy steps:

1. Access Microsoft Word as you will depend on it as your tree maker. Same as before, you should have installed any version of Word to experience its features.


2. Then, click New from the Office menu. You can make a new file once the New Document dialog box appears. From the search menu, type family tree or genealogy. Thus, you get to see a collection of family tree templates to select from.


3. You can click on your preferred template to see a bigger preview. Then, tap Download to insert it into your new Word document.

4. Same as how you worked on SmartArt Graphic earlier, tweak the sample information from the tree template and add your own family details. Make sure to change the font, size, design, format, and other customizable features as well.

5. Lastly, save your work. Just head to the Office button and press Save As once you are done. Type the name of your document, then select Save.

Note: For more family tree templates aside from the standard family tree example in the Microsoft Word document, check out the vast collection of professionally made, printable, and editable family trees in Word only at Pick a template, tweak a few elements, and produce a family tree within minutes. Download now!


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